Your Well-being

Your Well-being

A way of life that keeps you happier and healthier throughout your retirement years

Enjoying new activities with friends, walks in the countryside and the stress-free feeling of low maintenance living, moving to Albany Meadows offers a way of life that can have so many benefits on your overall health and well-being. As we get older though, it’s reassuring to know that extra help is there if we ever need it.

At Albany Meadows we offer a bespoke level of support and care that’s right for you. You decide what you need – and what you don’t need. It’s reassuringly flexible and designed to put you in control of your care and independence so you can remain living independently in your home.

Built-in home support

It’s time to enjoy an easier lifestyle where someone else can take the strain of some of your household chores. Every home here comes complete with a built-in level of home support, included as part of Albany Meadows’ services. This includes up to one and a half hours per week of domestic support like cleaning, ironing, refuse removal and general home administration assistance.

This built-in support is all about making everyday living easier and supporting your well-being through the provision of practical help and assistance in your home.

Help at the touch of a button

Giving you, and your family, extra peace of mind you also have access to a 24-hour emergency helpline. This support line is conveniently accessed from well-being technology and alarm points discreetly located in your home. It calls the Village Manager during their normal working hours, or “On Call” support from our care providers, Oak Retirement, out of hours – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our well-being system also comes equipped with the latest Smart Intercom Technology which enables residents to video call each other, and the Village Manager, an easy way to keep in touch from the comfort of your home.

Bespoke care services when you need it

We want you to remain independent in your home for as long as possible. This sometimes means having access to a little bit more support. Our additional care packages, available through our care partner Oak Retirement, are flexible, tailored to your own needs and delivered directly in your own home.

Oak Retirement can create a care plan that is designed to meet your individual requirements, as and when you need it. And if your needs ever change, your care plan can change with you.

I’ve got the wrist band, I wear it all the time and my family are so reassured. They are confident I have all the care and assistance I need living here. I feel more relaxed, my health has improved, and my mental well-being.